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                                                                                       Last refreshment: June 4, 2013

TESCO - in cooperation with HUN-IDA Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. - organized a 2-week professional program for a 20-member delegation of the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology( MOST) to study the experiences of the Hungarian R & D and Innovation.

May-June, 2013

TESCO signed a consultancy agreement with Fornax ICT, a leading Hungarian IT and workflow and workforce management specialist in order to sell their award winning system EVENTUS to carefully selected export markets. Fornax’s range of products and services almost completely covers the IT demands of large enterprises in the field of telecommunication, financial institutions, public utilities and industry. Moreover, Fornax maintains its leading position in the development of workflow and workforce management applications.

May, 2013

TESCO signed a consultancy agreement with Times Square Holding Co. Ltd, to explore new export markets to sell specially slaughtered fresh lamb and cattle.

April, 2013

TESCO entered into a Consultancy agreement with FlexiTon, a leading IT solution provider to open up certain export markets ( in excess of agreements already in 17 foreign countries), especially for selling their lead product, the ARIADNE network and data management system family. FlexiTon’s mission is to significantly enhance the network management efficiency of telecom operators and give a quick and measurable ROI (Return on Investment) by offering a turnkey modular solution to enable the management of every asset on any telecoms network through a powerful graphical interface..

April, 2013

TESCO signed a consultancy agreement with HOLLA Poultry Co. Ltd, to explore new export markets to sell specially slaughtered fresh and frozen duck and goose products (meat and liver).

March, 2013

TESCO entered into a Cooperation Agreement with the Algerian A3F Consulting, which is a multidisciplinary consulting firm supporting foreign companies in the process of establishing partnerships with Algerian companies.The two major shareholders count over 30 years of successful experience as officers or senior executives in various economic and institutional sectors, primarily in the areas of Construction, IT, Culture , Partnership Development, Marketing and Communication.

March, 2013

TESCO entered into a Cooperation Agreement with INWATECH Kft, a leading Hungarian company established in 2001 by specialists and engineers engaged and active in environmental technologies for supplying water treatment and biogas plants to export markets. The leaders of the company have +20 years professional experience in engineering, executing, and main contracting of environmental projects, as well as in exploitating and managing of water treatment and biogas plants.

January, 2013

In November 2011, TESCO entered into a consultancy agreement with, a leading Hungarian IT company, to sell to Vietnam a high-performance multi-platform log management solution: log4ensics developed by the strategic partner of and is one of the most secured log management solutions worldwide. is a leading information security private limited company, providing a full range of information security services, performing audits and delivering security systems, tools and solutions. EXCLUSIVELY manages information security but offers a full range of services independently of vendors. In January 2013, the parties extended their agreement to propose IT security services, penetration tests and security audits to other countries.

January, 2013

TESCO - in cooperation with HUN-IDA Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. - organized a 2-week professional program for a 12 strong delegation of the Vietnamese Ministry of Home Affairs( MOHA) to study the Hungarian experiences and practice in local governmental structure, e-government. The program of MOHA is financed by the Asian Development Bank. MOHA signalled that in 2013, 4 delegations of 20 members each (composed of local government and ministry officials) will arrive to Hungary for the same kind of study tour.

December, 2012

At the request of Mr. Kristóf SZATMÁRY, State Minister of the Ministry of National Economy, the General Manager of TESCO participated in the 4th session of the Hungarian-Vietnamese Economic Cooperation Committee in Hanoi, as member of the official delegation. The Hungarian delegation was led by Mr. Péter Szíjjártó, State Minister of the Presidency, the President of the Hungarian Side of the Cooperation Committee.

November, 2012

TESCO concluded a Cooperation Agreement with ACTIPAR Sarl , in Casablanca, Morocco. The CEO, Mr. Aziz BELKASMI through his extensive network of international relations and having experiences in various reputed organizations and diplomatic entities, encourages cooperation, partnerships and exchange of experiences and provides consultation services to governmental and nongovernmental bodies in various issues.

June, 2012

TESCO has been requested to form a consortium with EPIC and NECA, leading Austrian and Bulgarian Consultancy Houses to study and explore potential investors for and prepare the divestment of Hungarian energy assets owned by a leading German energy conglomerate.

May, 2012

The General Manager of TESCO – Co-President of the Hungarian-Vietnamese Intergovernmental Technical and Scientific Cooperation Sub-Committee had talks in Hanoi with his counterpart, Dr. Le Dinh Tien, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology to define the main directions of cooperation for the coming years. During their talks, the Parties approved the cooperation proposals 2012-2014 put forward respectively in the fields of Human Ressources, Energy, Science and Technology, State Administration, Agriculture and Biotechnology. According to the minutes signed, the main vistas of future cooperation will be: • IT, Automation, • Energy saving technologies • Biotechnology • Material Technologies • Organization of State Structures and Administration.

February, 2012

TESCO concluded a cooperation agreement with the internationally renowned KSG International, the Karma Strategy Group, a unique global business development company. Having two main offices in Istanbul and Ankara, KSG represents more than 150 top companies, many of the leading government agencies, private and public finance groups worldwide. They have a consistent, permanent and high level global network covering all the necessary and crucial parties for business development opportunities. Their main focus of operation is 30 countries in Africa, Europe, Middle-East and Turkic Republics in which they have a settled local presence and know how. The core business areas of KSG are energy , construction , transportation, real estate, security and defense. That opens up new vistas for Hungarian SMEs to conquer more international markets.

January, 2012

TESCO concluded a Cooperation Agreement with Dr.Mohammed Aljuhani (Rtd.General), Vice-President for International Cooperation and Gulf Region President /EURO-ARAB ENVIRONMENT ORGANIZATION/, Ass.Secret General For International Relations / ARAB TOURISM ORGANIZATION/, President / Universal Aviation & Security Support Services and MMJ Group for PR & Advertising/, Honorary Consul For Republic of Congo in Saudi Arabia, Vice-Chairman/ Honorary Consuls Council In Jeddah/, Vice-President /Saudi Arabian Sea Sport Federation/. Dr. Mohammed Aljuhani through his extensive network of international relations and holding titles in various reputed organizations and diplomatic entities, and as one of the founders of the Euro-Arab Environment Organization - a nongovernmental, international, independent and nonprofit environmental organization - encourages cooperation, partnerships and reciprocity of experiences between peoples of the Arab world and the European countries to implement projects and programs and to provide consultation services to governmental and nongovernmental bodies in various issues.

December, 2011

Since mid-2010, we have been advising one of the world's largest nuclear company, the French AREVA for the purpose of supporting AREVA in raising awareness at all levels of public and interest groups in Hungary for the succesful achievement of AREVA's products to be provided for the expansion of Paks Nuclear Power Plant.
From 27 to 29 september 2011, AREVA took part in the Debrecen ENERG-EXPO exhibition and conference where it presented the EPR 3gen+ nuclear reactor, the only internationally licensed such equipment already in construction in Finland, France and China.

September, 2011

At the invitation of TESCO, an important delegation of the Vietnamese National Laboratory for Securing Information visited Hungary between the 16th and 24th September, 2011 to participate in the "Hacktivity" conference organized by, as well as to pursue new IT security projects and those started earlier. We are hopeful that in the near future, leading Hungarian IT service providers' products will be chosen to ensure IT security in Vietnam's central administration.

September, 2011

We initiated the renewal and revitalization of our relations with the State Administration of Foreign Experts' Affairs (SAFEA) with whom we have an ongoing cooperation agreement for the deployment of special advisers to China and training courses in Hungary. This is a unique relationship, as we are the only commercial company in Hungary having such cooperation agreement with SAFEA.

August, 2011

In September 2010 our company received a deputy minister-level delegation from the Vietnamese Ministry of Home Affairs. The 11-strong delegation's main aim was to study the professional training possibilities of high-ranking civil servants, potential locations in Europe thereof including Hungary, in the framework of the public administration reform in Vietnam pursued since 2001. We are proud to report that Hungary was chosen as the venue and eversince, we have already received four groups of 20 Vietnamese experts each, for several weeks of specialised training in Hungary.

August, 2011

Early 2011, we have conluded a Consultancy agreement with SCIENTIFIC GAMES INTERNATIONAL, INC., Alpharetta, Georgia, US-based giant company, a global leader in the gambling industry and the development of innovative business solutions, related products and technologies.

July, 2011

In 2010 TESCO Consulting has been mandated by Swiss-based SICPA SA to execute advisory services and facilitate that the company strengthens its business position in Hungary.
SICPA SA is the market leader in selling a wide range of security inks and the development, installation and operation of security solutions, technology platforms, by which the relevant state agencies may successfully fight fraud forgery, smuggling, embezzlement, fictitious invoicing of excise products, and other illegal practises harming the national economy. This is a new and proven proprietary system that protects the integrity of the product from its manufacturing until the final sale's venue.

March, 2011

TESCO - in cooperation with HUN-IDA Nonprofit Public Benefit Ltd. -organized a professional program for a 20-member delegation of the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology( MOST) to study the experiences of the Hungarian R & D and Innovation.

December, 2010

In 2010, we signed a cooperation agreement with the ESQH for organizing and participating in training programs of physicians and nursing personnel in the Balkan region funded by the EU and other international donors, the professional background thereof being SOTE (University of Medecine Semmelweis).

November, 2010

From 2009 onwards, TESCO Consulting has been cooperating with the Italian GCF- Valditerra company belonging the the ROSSI Group in order to assist them in participating in railway construction and reconstruction projects in Hungary.
The ROSSI Group is one of the largest Italian railway construction companies, their basic competence is construction of so-called "Railway superstructure" including rails, sleepers, and other rail related components.

July 2010

News from previous years :

A Memorandum of Understanding had been signed with the Libyan Railway Authority. TESCO in cooperation with UVATERV Engineering Consultants revised the "Study of the Tripoli Rapid Transit System - Metro" originally prepared by them more than a decade ago. The study was implemented in 2009. Besides the eight-month work, it can pave the way for getting further engineering commissions in the implementation of the 100 Km long underground network.

In collaboration with HUN-IDA we organized a study tour for a Chinese 10-strong group of professionals. The experts arrived from different corporations in Qingdao city. In the wake of the successful study tour we concluded a long-term cooperation agreement with Qingdao Hai Rui International Exchange Co., and received several Chinese groups in Hungary for exchange of views and short-term training.

We renewed old ties and new collaboration and initiated cooperation with the China Jilin International Economic and Technical Corporation (Jilin Province, Changchun City) in order to receive Chinese professionals in Hungary for study tours and their representation in the Eastern and Central European region. (In the framework of a former agreement we organized on-site practical training for 350 Chinese professionals in RÁBA Works).

We started organizing the next session of the Hungarian-Vietnamese Technical and Scientific Cooperation Subcommittee in Budapest, to be programmed for early October 2007.

We received a direct request from Algeria to bid for a multi-million dollars' worth of IT system, the offer to go until the end of September 2006.

As a result of our advisory service activities Austrian BOE Baumanagement is in advanced negotiation with the seller, as potential buyer of a high-value real estate project in Budapest.

We widened our cooperation agreement with AMAN Water (formerly AMAN Holding), a French consulting firm which enabled us to perform advisory services for American companies, such as - Water Standard - to organize water supply to third markets where we have significant and influential contacts, such as Algeria, Libya, Israel, etc - representing AECOM global multinational company in Hungary, primarily for environment protection, water management and infrastructure.

We extended our consultancy agreement with the Spanish company Aqualia whic aims at promoting their the involvement in the development and implementation of Water Works in Hungary.

A new contract is being concluded with the Austrian company EFKON AG, which would embrace other IT areas of their potential participation in Hungary, as well as third market cooperation.

We renewed relationship and signed a new cooperation agreement with the Iranian MARUS Co, under which we would organize under study tours and training programs for Irani professionals in a variety of professional fields, but especially in the agricultural sector.

Implementation of the advisory contract, signed on behalf of UVATERV, has begun with the Railway Authority in Libya, The Hungarian specialists inspected the planned route and station locations of the appr. 100 km of metro network, and we organized consultative meetings with the representatives of other large ongoing projects that would somehow influence the design project.

We have prepared a market study showing the Libyan legal and business background for VEGYÉPSZER group, based on which their registration is under way in Libya. The group sees good opportunities to participate in billions dollars' worth Libyan infrastructure development programs in the coming years.

We initiated a collaboration with Qingdao HaiRui International Exchange Co. (China, Shandong province). They would like to charge our company to organize study tours for Chinese professionals in Hungary.

Under mandate from major international project, property development and investment companies, such as
Austrian        Raiffeisen Zentralbank, Colliers International,
                     BOE Baumanagement, Go / Asset GmbH, The Indochine Group,
French           Atisreal Real Estate,
Norwegian    Real Capital, and
Swedish        Henderson Investors
we provide consulting services for facilitating the acquisition of Hungarian high-value building complexes - buildings, commercial centers, retirement homes.

Negotiations are under way with the owner of Gauff Group, a German engineering firm and the company's subsidiary in Hungary, the Budapest Gauff Ltd. The planned cooperation agreement would aim at promoting their participation in technical-economic preparation, technical supervision of high-value investment projects, third market joint ventures, especially in relation to transport development projects.

As Hungarian representative of Austrian EFKON AG, Graz, we participated in construing the pre-qualification bid documentation relating to the tender "Construction and Operation of an Electronic toll system proportional to road use in Hungary" launched earlier by the Coordination Center for Transport. We played a pivotal role in organizing the EMUR (First Hungarian Toll System) consortium whose members are Euroinvest Central European Investment Corp., Arcadom Construction Co. Ltd and EFKON AG, Graz.

We have signed cooperation agreements with the French OPEOS and AMMANN Holding consultancy companies, under which we provide business advisory services to and undertake represention of French and Spanish firms to promote their participation in Hungarian business ventures.

As a result of our consulting services, we have achieved that Plastic Omnium,France, a world leader in the waste management sector, is considering to invest in a Hungarian professional company.

We have received a mandate from the leading French food industry company Bonduelle to elaborate a study and formulate proposals for using bio-waste resulting from the operation of their Hungarian plant as renewable energy (biogas) source.

We have signed a consultancy agreement with the prestigious Spanish AQUALIA, worldwide renowned water management company designed to promote their involvement in Hungarian water works' development projects and to create long-term scientific and technological cooperation.

In the framework of the Hungarian-Vietnamese Scientific and Technological Cooperation, we have created a relationship between the Vietnamese Science and Technology Ministry - designated insitution for animating cooperation on the Vietnamese part - and the Hungarian Association for Innovation aiming at involving Hungarian entities, producers of innovative products and services to the cooperation, thus facilitating these organizations' export activities.

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