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Implementing public services
  • Preparation and implementation of bilateral Technical-Scientific Cooperation Agreements with 57 developing countries

  • Permanent representations before 1990:
    Algeria, Angola, China, Cuba, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Libya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Yemen

  • Traditional relations with multilateral organizations:
    UNIDO, FAO, UNDP, International Atomic Energy Agency, UNESCO, World Bank, Kuwait Fund, Arab Fund, etc.

  • 8500 highly qualified Hungarian experts (doctors, engineers, university lecturers, scientific researchers) were delegated to the third world countries who acquired appreciation to Hungary and to the Hungarian science and technology

  • Content of the Hungarian assistance: operation of hospitals; knowledge transfer in agriculture, hydrology and water management, rural development, company management; technical and architectural design; training and scientific assistance

  • We organized technical and post-graduate training in Hungary for 30 000 trainees (in the field of agriculture, water management, medical studies, geology, mining, construction, etc.), many of whom attained high positions in their home country, providing valuable relations to us.

  • Valuable relational assets worldwide, provided by those graduated or qualified in Hungary through TESCO and emerged to high positions

  • We organized hundreds of goodwill- and experts delegations to foreign countries and short-term training courses and study-tours for foreigners in Hungary (Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Palestinian, Irani experts)

  • The Technical-scientific Joint Committees and Sub-Committees operated by TESCO obtained international appreciation for their highly efficient activity.

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